Web Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting Reviews
(Last Updated On: 2019-04-29)

My Search to Find the Best Web Host

If you are a beginning webmaster and you have been thinking about building your own website, you are going to need some type of a web hosting plan. The good news is you have come to the right spot!

I have brought together some of the most amazing web hosting discount codes, and paired them with all the web hosting reviews you need to make an educated decision as well as save money. This is the place to help guide aspiring webmasters to identify their hosting needs.

Identifying Your Needs

Before assessing the company, assess yourself.

You need domain hosting, but you don’t know which company to choose. Each and every company out there has their own ideas, and specials, which makes it hard to decipher exactly which of these is the best deal.

I suggest assessing the needs of your own website, before assessing the hosting company itself.

Here are some things to consider as you shop around…

  1. Are you planning on selling anything from your website? If so you will need a shopping cart. Make sure the hosting company you choose has an adequate and trustworthy Shopping cart as well as SSL (secure server).
  2. Email, Auto-responders, Email forwarding, and Pop 3. Do you want to have your own email site at your domain name (yourname@yourdomainname.TLD). Do you need your email forwarded to you main account, what type of email programs are compatible. These are all very good things to consider before choosing your host.
  3. How much disk space will you need? Will your website have a high amount of traffic from SEO, or a large amount of data transfer from client to website and website to client? Some companies will offer unlimited hosting, which we will talk more about, however, it is very important to explore this because you could find yourself paying very steep overage charges if you have more traffic than intended.
  4. Multiple domain hosting and sub-domains. If you plan to have multiple domains this is something that you might want to consider. Will your hosting company hosting each domain, or will you have to pay for new hosting each time?
  5. Budget? What exactly is your budget? Hosting companies are obviously competitive, but how competitive is your budget going to allow you to be. Don’t be put off by this however, there are very cheap hosting companies available that are still worth checking out.

Once you have considered these aspects you are armed with enough information about what you will need in order to choose your hosting company.

So Whats in a Host?

While your checking out web host reviews there will surely be key features and deals that you will be offered along the way. Lets break these down and explore what they are actually offering.

1) 24/7 FTP Access which is a connection to their server that is hosting your website. This should be part of your web hosting plan.

2) 24/7 support. Just in case, you always have someone there to help. Dedicated support is essential.

3) Reliability and Uptime. You want your site to be viewed right? Well the servers have to be up and running for that to happen.

4) Bandwidth. Exactly how much are they offering you? Beware of the unlimited bandwidth offers as well. The fine print can explain that unlimited is actually limited and you could be penalized for going over.

5) Easy to work with control panel. This is important because it is always hard to find your way around new programs. Some hosting companies have better control panels and abilities than others. One way you could get familiar with this is by signing up for their affiliate program before buying the product. This way you have created an account, have the ability to promote the host, and interact with the control panel and get to know them as a company before you make a decision to use them as your host. There is an alternative perk to this, where, if you actually do promote their products and you do make sales, they can pay you in either money, or credits towards your hosting and other products. You could wind up with tons of free hosting!

6) E-Commerce Platform or Shopping Cart. if you plan on selling your products from your website you will need one of these.

7) Reseller Accounts. Its good to know if you are actually with the main hosting company or a reseller hosting company.

8) Email and Auto-responders. This is important in business to keep a constant line of communication open.

Now lets get on to the lists!

Why I choose GoDaddy

There are only two hosting companies I would ever recommend to my friends and family. The first is BlueHost which you can see a review here, and the second is GoDaddy which I’ll explain why I love this local company.

For me, GoDaddy is more than just a web host. GoDaddy is a Hometown hero. GoDaddy is located right here in the State of Arizona which is where I live. This dirty Arizona desert provides the opportunities for GoDaddy to meet their ever growing needs.

Go Daddy has been named People’s Choice Advertiser from Commission Junction for two-years-in-a-row. Award winners represent national and international brands, chosen for their outstanding network performance metrics.

Go Daddy was voted “Best Registrar” in the 2018 Domain Name Wire annual survey for the 4th consecutive year. According to the survey results, Go Daddy is popular amongst all types of domain owners.

For a full list of Awards and Recognitions please look at their site, as there are just too many to summarize here.

So far the customer service I received has been outstanding. Every time I call customer service I get a great experience and all the help I need. All of the representatives I have spoke with so far have been completely knowledgeable and always know what I am talking about.

They have vigorous training standards, constant call monitoring, and set the standard for excellence in their call centers. Like I said, I have quite a few friends who work there, so I get the inside scoop.

GoDaddy has exceeded my expectations so far in its offerings. The company has even gone as far as to help me resolve issues with domains that I have under a different host. If that is not going beyond the call of duty, I am not sure what is.

There are so many more reasons to love GoDaddy besides their awesome products, and customer service. You should just check them out for yourself.