Hide My IP

Hide My IP

How to Hide your IP Address

A fact that is not known to many is that every person who uses internet has a virtual profile saved some where about his activities online. This profile is obtained by the websites that you visit. The useful information to these websites is provided by your IP address.

Your IP address is actually enveloped information that is something really more than just an unusual combination or set of numbers. It enables the web hosts to determine the country, state, city and area from which the website is being browsed.

Obviously you will not like any body getting access to this personal information of yours, even if you do not intend to do any thing wrong or illegitimate. So a simple solution to this identity revealing dilemma is not to reveal your IP address to the websites you are visiting.

This simple solution is not as simple as it looks because you cannot manually blindfold web hosts and the internet masterminds. What you can do is to hide your IP by using the electronic methods. The most renowned weapons that one has in this regard are the Anonymous Proxy Servers and other Hide Your IP tools.

What Are Anonymous Proxy Servers?

The Anonymous Proxy Servers (APS) are widely used to protect IP theft. APSs are digital intermediates. They are digital brokers that serve to fulfill your requests without revealing your identity to the web hosts or servers on the other end.

APSs hide your IP address from the website you are visiting and make you surf on the internet as an anonymous visitor. It actually makes you visit the websites indirectly via itself. Hence it is not you but the APS that is making the actual request.

Apart from APS there is a wide range of soft wares, free wares as well as paid ones, which serve to hide your IP from intruders. Some of these soft wares tend to switch your IP address at regular intervals and do not allow the web servers at the other end to get hold of your original IP address.

The most prominent and recent example of such a soft ware is the Fire Fox conservatory “switchproxy”.

In practical terms hiding your IP is only important if you intend to do something that you really need to hide from others. Such IP veils are usually required by people who mean bad. IP address information is of great use for today’s marketers as well because it enables them to data mine important information regarding the demographics of a population and than shape their selling and promotional activities accordingly.

So if you intend to shield yourself from the bombardments of adds and spam than also you can seek the assistance of IP veils such as APSs etc.

Software to Hide Your IP Number.

How can you hide your ip address? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is a universally applicable law and holds true in every regard, undoubtedly. Ever increasing spam and an ever escalating frequency of hacking activities are those actions that have given origin to the soft ware that hide IP addresses, as reactions.

The softwares that are used to hide IP addresses function in a manner that masks your IP from others and thus you surf the internet anonymously. Since you are surfing anonymously there fore your identity is not revealed at all and thus the chances of being hacked are minimal.

These softwares enable you to visit websites that have blocked your IP address. Thus these softwares make you the “uncrowned king of the web” with complete freedom and no worries whatsoever. As a consequent of using these softwares, your privacy on the internet increases and this implies to your online chatting and e mailing transactions as well.

The softwares that are used to hide IP are designed in an absolutely user friendly environments. The usage is as simple as it could have been. Most of the times you just have to click “HIDE YOUR IP” button and that is all to be done from your side, rest of the transaction is accomplished by the software itself.

The contemporary versions of IP hiding softwares run in two modes, automatic and manual. Automatic mode is for all classes of users and is the most convenient mode of the two. It involves just a single click and the rest will be done automatically. The manual mode, however, is a touch complicated and is usually meant for smart and advanced users.

Here lots of choices are to be made by the user manually and the performance of the IP hiding software now also depends upon the intellectual skills and abilities of the user.

A large number of websites offer charged downloads of efficient softwares that serve to mask your IP address from intruders. Apart from these charged softwares low intensity free wares are also available on numerous websites, just Google things like Surfshark vpn review or HideMyAss. The master softwares that are used in all operating systems and all parts of the world for the purpose of hiding of IP is Hide My IP Address.

Hiding IP Address Software.

Just imagine, you woke up one morning and had an important e mail to receive. You opened up your Email Inbox and you see 145 unwanted mails instead of the one you wanted to see. Well surprise, surprise!!

Your IP was traced by marketers and as a consequent you have been bombarded with this wonderful gift of 145 spam mails. Now this is not it, this number of spam will keep on increasing and by the end of the week you will have over 1000 spam mails in your in box.

All you could do is to mark these mails as spam and delete them but you should make some arrangements to avoid this horror experience in the future. The soft ware market is blessed with a large number of Hiding IP softwares. These softwares enable you to hide your IP address simply with the click of a button.

These softwares make you surf anonymously on the internet. They give you freedom and carefree browsing experience. This phenomenon of anonymous surfing is better termed as “Internet Anonymity”.

These Hiding IP softwares are also equipped with the feature of “proxy switching” where your IP is tempered constantly and makes it impossible for the web hosts, marketers and other interested parties to obtain your actual IP address. It’s one IP address at one moment and a totally different IP address at the other moment.

Some Hiding IP softwares are designed in such a way that they would display a false location to the web hosts. For example a request made by a computer located in USA will be shown to the web hosts as a request coming from Australia or some other part of the world. This is a great function as now the location of origination of request is false and it is impossible for web servers at the other end to read you accurately.

The soft ware technology has worked wonders in this regard. Now any body can shield his IP address from others. These Hiding IP softwares are easily available in the market at reasonable prices.

A large number of websites offer Hiding IP software as free ware, as software suits, as trial softwares. So it’s better late than never. Just go to any soft ware shop or website and find for yourself an eligible Hiding IP software. You never know it might be your turn to receive 145 spams tomorrow morning!!