5 Things Facebook Is Doing Right

5 Things Facebook Is Doing Right
(Last Updated On: 2018-04-20)

When it comes to social media, Facebook is definitely the biggest and most successful platform. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely a social media genius that has done tons of good things when it comes to Facebook and the direction it has taken over the past couple of years. One thing can be noticed when it comes to Facebook, and that is that Facebook is constantly growing and expanding.

The way Facebook has been able to conquer the whole world leaves other businesses in awe, and usually a tad jealous that they did not think of such marketing strategies themselves. But, a big company like Facebook also has tons of stuff that they need to improve, however, today we will focus on the 5 best things Facebook has done right.

Facebook is constantly expanding

When it comes to perpetual growth, Facebook is one of the companies in the world that seems like it will never stop growing. Ever since it launched Facebook has been popular with every age group. Many people use Facebook for different reasons, but Facebook has one simple goal. To continue expanding as that ultimately furthers their goals.

Facebook monetization

FacebookOne of their ultimate goals is the constant expansion, but another is the monetization of the platform. Many social media platforms have struggled to monetize their content even though their users have been monetizing themselves ever since they joined the platform.

Here is where Facebook is light years ahead of the competition.

Facebook’s first goal to constantly expand works in pair with their goal to monetize everything. By leaving the platform free for use, Facebook has made several innovative ways to monetize all possible nonintrusive ways. When it comes to the possible way to monetize a certain business, people will look to facebook’s model for years to come.

Innovation and Facebook

Another thing where Facebook is the leader in the field is innovation. Facebook has become so big that they do not fear the backlash from their user base when it’s time to introduce new functions.

For instance, back when Facebook was created and once it was ported to the mobile market, Facebook had an “all-in-one” package where you could use Facebook and the message function on the same app.

Later when they split those two functions, half the user base was not happy about it. However, nothing happened to Facebook, their stock even rose higher in the next months.

Facebook knows its weaknesses

When it comes to a company and its success it’s very important to know where your weaknesses are. Facebook knows this very well. In fact, they are not just aware of it, they are using their weaknesses to their advantage in some cases observes Sammy Lakhany Business Advisor.

Branching out and connecting

FBAnother function where Facebook became the lead brand is branching out to other functions and connecting with them. Facebook can be present on all other internet platforms and can even make your experience with these sites more pleasant.

For instance, if you want to view content on one site you have to register with your e-mail and activate the registration that is sent to your inbox. Or, you could just log in over Facebook integration.

This makes the user trust Facebook as it provides a convenient service when a user wants to connect and branch out to new things.