What is Product Launch Formula?

What is Product Launch Formula?

If you’ve been looking around the web for a way to start out in internet marketing and are just straight up confused on what to do or where to start, I may have just the answer.

See, I’ve been in IM for a very long time. And during that time I’ve dabbled in just about every aspect of marketing from building out niche sites and doing SEO to creating my own informational products and email marketing.

And I can tell you for a fact there is nothing that will make you more money faster and more sustainable than creating your own product.

See, your product is an asset. Something that is valuable (as long as you create a solid product).

But where to get started? How to actually make a product? What niche? How do you set up a site? And what do you do after it’s actually done?

There are a ton of questions if you’ve never built and launched your very own product before. Way too many for me to ever answer in this article. In fact, it’d probably take an entire website! And even then…

That’s why Jeff’s product includes so much information that it must have taken him months to create.

You can get a better overview at this product launch formula review.

So that’s why right now, if you’re serious about making money online with your own products (or even services), PLF is the best product out there to really get you started!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie or a seasoned veteran, it has something for everyone.

But as a total beginner, there is no better place to start.

Jeff Walker (the creator of PLF) will literally start you off with the very first steps of niche selection. And then from there take you step-by-step on how come up with products your customers will love, writing a sales page that converts to setting up and building an email list.

He even goes into details on how to communicate with your list.

Then the most important thing, getting real traffic and buyers to your sales page.

He goes into detail too. Things even veteran IMers forget to do. Everything from JV partnerships to using social media marketing.

Do you know what a pre-launch strategy is or why it’s important? Jeff goes into detail on how to set up a proper pre-launch strategy so that people are ready to by before you even show them the sales page. In fact, many don’t even read it by the time the actual launch is happening. And that’s the point!

Two of the strategies for a lunch he goes into great lengths about are the Seed Launch and the Quick Launch. Both powerful, but very different strategies.

There’s a complete section on crafting and creating a fantastic sales video to complement your sales page. After all, video sells!

And how about an “Evergreen Launch”? Meaning you can always be launching!

Always getting more buyers and email subscribers.

Seriously, there is just way too much content in this thing to even cover here. So the best way to see what PLF is all about is to simply watch Jeff’s video and hear it straight from him.