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How To Use Instagram Search & Explore To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

How To Use Instagram Search & Explore To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

One the most famous social media platform of today is definitely Instagram. Instagram has many nifty uses, that can help individuals become popular and have a platform for their art and other forms of expression, as well as, help businesses promote and interact about their products to the user base.

However, Instagram has many other features that even the average person can use for their benefit, even if it comes to just finding things that that individual might like.

For that exact same reason, we have the Instagram Search and the Instagram Explore options. So now you are wondering how you can use those two functions to boost your Instagram marketing. It makes no difference if you are a growing business or a huge corporation, the principal when using these options is the same.

First, you have to know how they work, then you can start taking advantage of them.

Instagram Search

Instagram-searchThe search function has several different “filters” by which you can determine the depth of your search for isntance:

– Top suggested which basically means all functions in one.

– Suggested People, or the ability to find new people.

– Suggested Tags, or the ability to find relevant content with the hashtags.

– Suggested Places, or the ability to find places based on their tags.

If you want to promote one of your businesses or your product, you have to make sure to make use of all the search functions.

For instance, if you are promoting a new wine, you have to have the relevant hashtags (several of them will bring more traffic), then you have to tag the people who will be showcasing your new wine, and last but not least the places where the wine can be bought or tasted.

Once all those are met, your product is officially using the search function to its full potential.

Next, the Explore function

Instagram-exploreExplore is another neat feature that every business wants to know how to use properly.

For starters, it functions similarly to the search function, the only difference is it can be customized more and it offers more options for the customized search.

For instance, explore has a live function where businesses and individuals can use to stream live content. Besides that, all the things we mentioned before in the search function need to be catered here also.

So, things like the hashtags and the place tags need to be on point here, and additionally, you need to time your posts, since putting any content here needs to be done at the right time for maximum impact.