How To Use Instagram To Your Advantage

How To Use Instagram To Your Advantage

Instagram is the fastest growing social trend today, and using it correctly can bring you or your business lots of wanted traffic. Instagram has become the platform where everything is a product. It has successfully promoted things in plain sight better than the television set has done for decades.

In the near future, we can all expect that Instagram will be the go-to platform when it comes to commercial products. So, if you are a business that wants to start now when the platform is still in its growing stage, then you have to know the correct way to take advantage of all Instagram functions.

Some of the functions to keep in mind are:

Using the correct filters and photo editing options

Instagram-filtersWhen it comes to content everything can be presented in its normal light, or its best light. When it comes to Instagram there are filters that will help you present one thing in several different ways. For instance, if you take a picture of your clock on the wall, you could try and sell it using your standard picture. Or, you could give the picture a few filter swipes and suddenly your clock will look more focused, or out of color, which will, in turn, attract different groups of people.

Some will like the vibrant colors on it, some will like the cold black and white feeling, however, what is important for you, it’s that there are functions that will help you if you use them correctly

 Use the Instagram as your social connector to external sites

InstaInstagram has its HTTP functions disabled on almost everything. When it comes to user friendliness Instagram does not want you to use their platform for the promotion of your own website. Basically, they don’t want you to take traffic away from them. However, if you want to still advertise your website you can do that. What you need to do is use your photo captions to direct people to the place where you can leave your website link which will be at your profile’s main page.

So, if you are constantly putting new things to your account, you just need to update the main page link to link to that content and viola, you now have a promoting Instagram account.