Do I Need a Biometric Employee Time Clock?

Do I Need a Biometric Employee Time Clock?

Gone are the days when the employers used to keep track of their employee’s attendance and entry-exit timing in pen and paper. With everything getting digitalized, the biometric time clock has come up for employee tracking that uses fingerprint recognition techniques so that the time and effort for the tedious calculation can be saved. The high-end time clock scanners that are developed by the software companies have the capability to get the accurate fingerprint even through grease, dirt, sweat and moisture.

Companies nowadays need their employees to work for a fixed number of hours before which if they leave, they will be marked absent for the day. This cutting edge technology measures the entry and exit time accurately so that there is no discrepancy in measuring it.

Advantages Of Using Biometric Employee Time Clock

Uniqueness – You will be able to capture the unique biological characteristic and trait of each and every single employee. So based on the individual makeup that they have, the biometric time clock will identify automatically and make an entry in the system whenever his finger gets scanned at the entrance. Since it involves no cards, no other employee can give his or her attendance except that employee himself.

Accuracy – The biometric specifications of a person can never be forged by any other person or machinery. So the biometric employee time clock will leave the supervisors relived as they will be able to track the time and attendance 100% accurately without even budging from their seat. So results of these time clocks are highly reliable.

No Buddy Punching – Buddy punching is malpractice that can be completely eliminated with these biometric time clocks. It is completely illegal, and a lot of employees have to pay in millions every year and often results in the company suffering from huge losses. If one employee is late for office, no other employee will be able to forge his attendance as his unique traits are required to enter the office.

Time Theft – This also reduces time theft. The break hours are fixed in each and every company, a lot of times it is observed that employees intentionally kill 20 minutes of their work time which would otherwise have been utilized to the fullest. The time clock system measures the exact no. of minutes that you are in your desk, and if you exceed the break time, then a part of your salary will be cut off. With manual attendance system employees used to write wrong timings intentionally but with the advent of these biometric time clocks, it is no longer a thing to worry for the employers as the employees cannot forget their entry timings anymore.

Remote workers –  can also be tracked using these devices. So even if an organization has employees doing on-site work which is far away from the office, the supervisor will be able to track him or her easily as the mobile devices will be connected to these time clocks. This biometric feature enables employers to track their workers and on-site employees even if they are in some remote part of the world.

Rewards – Give rewards to the employees deserving. Check the database of these biometric employee time clocks and see which employee has done the maximum overtime or been regular for the maximum no. of days. Give him or her, the reward that they rightfully deserve which will boost their urge to do the work. No more stealing of credit by someone else, they will get what they rightfully deserve.

Timing – Raises the profit of the company by a lot. Using these biometric time clocks for the employees, they become more regular and punctual at work which makes the work to be done even better and faster. Moreover no need for expensive and time-consuming tracking mechanisms that are corrupted. The financial sheet of the company is going to show a positive streak once this system gets introduced.

Improvement – Companies can improve the employee accountability. What it means is that they can analyze the results and find out who is being sluggish at work. That individual person can be talked to and made to understand the need to arrive at work on time. This way they can keep a track of each and every single employee no matter how big the office is.

Thus these are the major benefits of the biometric employee time clock. Gone are the days of maintaining a handwritten attendance register. Be more accurate and save time with these amazing devices and never again fail to keep track of an employee. Thus these time clocks are highly beneficial, and every company is likely to maintain the order of the office even better once they are installed.